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Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

There’s something so magical and lovely about celebrating a wedding outdoors. Just imagine a majestic mountain view, the fresh smell of redwood trees, the romantic, rolling hills of a vineyard, or the comfort of your own backyard.

Celebrating your wedding outdoors creates a whole different atmosphere and sets the mood. Whether you’re just hosting the ceremony or reception outside or you choose to have the whole wedding outdoors, here’s everything you need to know from managing the lighting and sound to keeping the bugs away.

Make Your Guests Comfortable

If your wedding is in the summer or you know the weather will be hot, try to plan your ceremony and reception in a shaded area. Have ice-cold water bottles and a lemonade or iced tea stand close by for guests to refresh themselves. You may also want to consider renting large, electric fans and a generator. Another way to make guests comfortable is to provide personal folding fans, umbrellas, hats, or sunglasses for guests to wear. You can also design your wedding program to be large and sturdy enough to be used as a fan.

On the other hand, if you know the weather will be cold, make sure to let your guests know so they wear extra layers. If you want to make your guests feel super appreciated, give out small blankets, shawls, or wrap-around scarves as wedding favors. Your guests will appreciate the extra thought you put into making sure they stay warm.

Consider also renting portable heaters to provide warmth.

Have a Backup Plan

An ideal outdoor wedding location is one that has an indoor location close by in case the weather is bad or plans change. If you’re not sure on how the weather will be and don’t want to risk it, you can choose to hold the ceremony outdoors and reception indoors. In this case, if the weather is an issue, the ceremony can be moved inside and the tables can be re-arranged to make room for the ceremony.

Another backup plan is to rent a large tent, but keep in mind that tents can be very expensive (even more expensive than renting a building!) due to the labor involved in installed and securing the tent and then folding it back up. If you end up renting a tent, make sure it is sturdy and can withstand the wind and rain.

Have a Good Sound System

An outdoor wedding means that there are no walls to keep the sounds and music in one area. Rent out good quality speakers so that guests in the back rows are able to hear your vows or the bridal parties’ toasts, as well as enjoy the music.

Keep Mosquitos and Bugs Away 

Inspect your wedding location a few days before the wedding to see if there are bugs, flies, or mosquitos that may be unwelcome to guests. You can hire a pest control company to spray the area several days before the wedding or talk with the property management to see if they are willing to treat the issue before the wedding. Make sure large trash cans are moved at least 100 feet away from the ceremony and reception location, as they attract flies and may add an unpleasant smell to the area.

To keep mosquitos away, set up citronella candles or tiki torches with citronella oil.  The candles will also provide a nice warm, ambiance in the evening.

Keep Food and Drinks Fresh

If your reception is outside, serve drinks in large, covered jars or urns so flies and bugs don’t get into the liquid.

Ask your bartender(s) to keep wine bottles corked when not in use. To keep bugs out of the food, keep the food covered when possible. You can use glass domes over smaller plates, such as desserts and appetizers, and chafing dishes for the salads, entrees, and main course plates.

Another option is to set up perimeter fans near the food station, as the circulating air will keep flies and bugs away. Make sure the food station is set up in a shaded area, as many foods, especially salads, will not stay fresh for long in the sun or heat. Stationed fruit and cheese platters also attract flies, so it is better to keep them covered and in a cool area, away from the heat.

Wind-Proof Your Venue  

If your wedding location is next to the coast or on the beach, expect to deal with the wind. And in general, if your wedding is outdoors, no matter the location, keep in mind that it can get windy. Some months and days are windier than others, so in addition to tracking the weather, don’t forget that the wind can play a major role in an outdoor wedding. Tell your hairstylist that you’re having an outdoor wedding, so they can style your hair to hold up in windy weather.

If you’re renting a tent, make sure the tent can withstand gusting winds or find a backup location indoors. If the wind is manageable, keep in mind the décor and florals, as well as escort cards. Make sure your escort cards are secure by tying them down to something sturdy or placing them in a display where the wind won’t blow them away.

Restrooms, Parking, and Other Needs

If you have the perfect secluded location planned to hold your ceremony or reception, don’t forget to consider items such as restrooms, parking, and generators (if electricity will be used). If your site does not have electricity, you’ll need generators for the kitchen appliances, speakers, portable heaters, and fans. If there are no public restrooms close by, you’ll need to rent portable restrooms.

If there is limited parking space, you may need to hire valet parking to assist your guests. Keep a list of all the appliances and rentals you’ll need to have your wedding run smoothly. Also consider the lighting. If your site does not have lighting, you can add string lights, torches, lanterns, and/or candles to create a romantic setting in the evening.

Florals and Décor

Depending on the weather, choose flowers that can withstand the heat or wind, such as roses, dahlias, sunflowers, and succulents. You may want to avoid flowers that attract bugs, such as baby’s breath and peonies. To keep bugs away, use natural herbs and flowers that act as natural pesticides, such as lavender, rosemary, mint, and thyme.

If wind is forecasted for your wedding day, ask your décor vendor to secure the flowers and any decorations so the wind doesn’t blow them away or topple them down.

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Always Shine Window Cleaning from Sacramento

Pressure washing is a great way to get rid of the moss on tile roofing. #pressurewashing #carmichael #roofcleaning

Posted by Always Shine on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Window Cleaning

Think of gutters and downspouts as your sentries against water damage to your home or business. Water damage, at best, is expensive to repair; at worst, it can be catastrophic. Gutters and downspouts provide your first line of defense.

You’ve heard the phrase “water seeks its own level.” It most certainly does.

Clogged gutters cause water to collect around the foundation of your home. In cold-weather areas, this excess water freezes and expands, cracking your foundation. In warmer climates, the water can seep in and undermine the foundation. It happens.

More commonly, gutter backups cause moisture damage to the wood in the fascia around your home, and undetected roof leaks that cause interior damage to walls and ceilings.

Finally, improper gutter drainage can affect the property around your home. Just like it affects your foundation, water that collects on concrete pathways and driveways can freeze and crack, or undermine the concrete. Pooled water causes rapid mold and mildew growth and attracts insects. Runoff can also cause soil erosion and kill plants due to overwatering.

Here’s the good news. You can stop these problems before they start. At ASF we highly recommend a proactive, preventive approach to water damage.

To protect your property during stormy weather, we suggest that you have your gutters cleaned, cleared and inspected twice a year: At the beginning, and at the end of, the rainy season.

We’ll clear out debris, unclog downspouts, install or replace

Don’t wait! Spots will fill up quickly.

Click here to book online or call us at (916) 598-9110.

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Wedding at the Westin Sacramento

Adorned in pearls and diamonds, Kirsten and Brian pledged their lives to one another in Marriage at the sophisticated Westin in California’s capital city. That long stride down those steps, the layers of white tulle trailing behind, to the first look of excitement, utter love and joy upon Brian’s face was captured with the expertise of our wedding videography crew.

The glistening of Kirsten’s locks of tendrils laced across her shoulders, shadowed from the sunset, while reciting words that etch the heart of her husband to be. Those words spoken to bind these two hearts together in front of loved ones, family and friends are forever cherished and seized on film as if in a time lock.

From the kiss to seal the promise of a life spent lived together, the laughter, love-filled eyes, speeches, the first dance and the grasp of his hand to hers will be infinitely taken captive.

These moments that pass within a breath can only be experienced once in a lifetime.
These junctures in time can also be looked back upon in an instant with your wedding video to recreate all the feels of those blissful memories.

Brian and Kirsten’s obvious delight is one that is sought after by many and admired by all.

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Vizcaya Sacramento - Kaylie & Trevor - Sacramento Wedding Photographer - Ashley Teasley Photography (18 of 60).jpg

Kaylie and Trevor looked like they just stepped out of Vogue weddings on their August wedding day. From the moment Kaylie stepped into the aisle, Trevor started tearing up. As Kaylie walked down the aisle, looking like a gorgeous princess, everyone’s jaw dropped, in awe of her beauty and her love for Trevor; as were we!

On the first chair, was a purple rose in honor of Kaylie’s mother who passed away. It was so special and meaningful, that I even teared up. Kaylie is such a genuine soul, and I am so blessed to have been able to capture these moments.

As the bridal party were being introduced, everyone stands in honor of the bride and groom! Immediately after they were announced, they had a gorgeous choreographed dance prepared. Although Trevor was a little nervous, he did amazing! It was so sweet and showed how much love they have for each other.

We hope you enjoy these highlights from their wedding day! Before you check these stunning photos out… send a huge virtual hug to these two, as they are expecting twins!! THIS is why we love what we do! Being able to follow our couples’ journeys is what we live for! Now enjoy….

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Fast SEO in Sacramento

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IndigoSkyStudios – Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography from Sacramento

Hiring photographers and videographers is a difficult task for many people because they do not know much about these professions. Well, the time has come for you to acquaint youself with their work. The first thing you need to realize is that photographers and videographers are numerious. For example, did you know that the US had 54.830 professional photographers in 2013? Sacramento alone host hundreds of them.

However, only a few photographers and videographers would give value for your money.
Fortunately, searching for them is unnecessary because Indigo Sky Studios is the home of the best photographers and videographers in Sacramento. We are the best because our photographers capture moments of laughter, joyful tears and vivid displays of affection. More specifically, our wedding photographer will capture these moment in detailed and cinematic fashion. Moreover, our video packages are unbeatable. For example, a silver package includes one Sacramento wedding videographer while a classical one will get you two videographers.
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