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Pressure washing is a great way to get rid of the moss on tile roofing. #pressurewashing #carmichael #roofcleaning

Posted by Always Shine on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Window Cleaning

Think of gutters and downspouts as your sentries against water damage to your home or business. Water damage, at best, is expensive to repair; at worst, it can be catastrophic. Gutters and downspouts provide your first line of defense.

You’ve heard the phrase “water seeks its own level.” It most certainly does.

Clogged gutters cause water to collect around the foundation of your home. In cold-weather areas, this excess water freezes and expands, cracking your foundation. In warmer climates, the water can seep in and undermine the foundation. It happens.

More commonly, gutter backups cause moisture damage to the wood in the fascia around your home, and undetected roof leaks that cause interior damage to walls and ceilings.

Finally, improper gutter drainage can affect the property around your home. Just like it affects your foundation, water that collects on concrete pathways and driveways can freeze and crack, or undermine the concrete. Pooled water causes rapid mold and mildew growth and attracts insects. Runoff can also cause soil erosion and kill plants due to overwatering.

Here’s the good news. You can stop these problems before they start. At ASF we highly recommend a proactive, preventive approach to water damage.

To protect your property during stormy weather, we suggest that you have your gutters cleaned, cleared and inspected twice a year: At the beginning, and at the end of, the rainy season.

We’ll clear out debris, unclog downspouts, install or replace

Don’t wait! Spots will fill up quickly.

Click here to book online or call us at (916) 598-9110.

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